Expensive creams area thing of the past for your dark circles under eyes.  Just take a gander at what you have in the kitchen and I think you might find some nice things that will help.  But first, let me tell you a bit about what causes those terrible circles.  It is usually lack of sleep, but it can be a bunch of other things as well.

You know what else doesn’t help?  When you drink alot and also when you smoke. Especially if you are doing both while staying up late at night partying.  This is terrible not only for your eyes, but for your health as well.  Then if your parents had a similar problem, then it will be even easier for you to have these awful dark circles.

Sure, you may find one or two creams that will work.  But most of the time, they don’t and they just suck money out of your pocket. Not to mention that they can have skin cream ingredients which are actually bad for you!

Here are a couple of things you can do while at home to help if you are wondering how to get rid of dark circles:

– First drink a ton of water.  Drink at least 10-12 glasses per day if you can.

– Try some honey and also some almond oil as a natural solution.

– Believe or not, rose water can help has well.  It helps to stop your eyes from puffing up.

Here are a few tricks from Kandee as well: